Friday, 19 July 2013

Test shots

After three failed Panasonic Lumix cameras I eventually settled for the Canon SX260 HS

It gets decent enough reviews and I generally get on very well with Canon equipment.  The deciding factors were size, weight and price point.  I am not at all convinced I've made the right decision - the photos are soft, the colours are not as sharp as those from the Lumix, the autofocus hunts around in an irritating manner often refusing to settle on what is obviously the main subject and I'm already missing some of the 'bells & whistles' which Panasonic included such as the automatic bracketing to compensate for backlit images and the instant Panorama mode.

On the plus side the camera responds very fast, no noticeable shutter lag and fits neatly into a pocket when out walking.  Here's a few test shots, SOOC expect for resizing for web.  They are the best of a motley crew ... occasionally I get a great image (such as the close up of the Purple Loosetrife) but more often than not I'm not getting the shot I want.  The zoom is quite powerful though.

I cannot comment on the GPS facility because it has remained disabled.  It's habit of constantly seeking satellite lock whilst the camera is turned off, resulting in unexpectedly drained batteries, is completely unacceptable. 

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