Tuesday, 23 July 2013


It's not been a good year for seed sowing, far too cold in Spring and then far too hot.  The seed collection which lives in the fridge didn't get to see much action, despite my best intentions.

Some of the seed will stay cool and dark for a few more months, with fingers crossed for its viability next year.

As well as the neat and tidy purchased packets was a collection of seed that I've saved (and a few previously opened packets with a bit left in the bottom).  As most of these are native or (nearly) naturalised plants which will grow without much attention, I've tipped them all into one pot and given it a good shake.  The mixture contains

Lamium Macculatum
Ammi majus
Bupleurum Rotundifolium
Morning Glory
Papaver somniferum
Tagetes Minuta
Miscanthus sinensis

Now we've had a little rain (although not nearly enough so far) I have spread this mixture onto the long side bed and across the deep curved bed beyond the Big Pond.  I also put a small amount in a deep seed tray which, hopefully, will give me a clue as to what the germinating plants look like.  Positive thinking there - I am assuming something will germinate!

I will now have to curb my tendency to pull anything which looks like a weed when I walk past these beds and adopt the practise of not weeding out anything until I am absolutely sure what it is.  Good way of cutting down on work, huh?


  1. Good idea with the seed tray and I hope they germinate well, as the beds will be absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Susan. I have a tendency to pull up things I assume are newly germinated weeds and if I want to encourage self-sown seedlings then I must curb that instinct! Hopefully a 'representative seed tray' will slow me down a bit.

  2. Just read this after your comment on my parable - spooky! I sowed some annuals direct on the plot this year and only really the clarkia came up well. One problem was all the weed seedlings did grow and as you say I left them but the weeds just grew faster and overtook the annuals so next year is plan B

    1. Thanks for the comment Sue, but do tell - what is your Plan B ?

    2. Plan B is the sow in row of mixed seed and use weed control fabric as we do for the carrots


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