Thursday, 4 July 2013

Oh b*gger, that was not supposed to happen

It's like this you see:   Yesterday, as those of you with attentive RSS readers may have noticed, I did well on the perennial problem of Bag End Blog-lag and published five of the little beasties all in one morning.  Swept up in a tide of my own cleverness I thought it would be a good idea to do some major spring cleaning of my email Inbox before I moved on to the next tranche of blog updates.

Which is where the wheels fell off (or, as I have subsequently pondered, The Universe moved in but we'll get back to that later).  Long story short, during the process of emptying and removing some sub-folders of the Inbox I deleted everything.  Yep, Inbox is now empty.

Now I have been bellyaching for a while that I needed a 'clean slate' and having an empty Inbox was one of my goals for the next few weeks.  Obviously The Universe decided that She'd waited long enough for me to do it and took over.  No amount of messing with archives or Time Machine backups is bringing it back - trust me, that's how I spent all of this afternoon and most of the evening ....

I'm working my way through an increasingly unreliable memory to drop a note to friends whose careful missives to me were consigned to Ethernet oblivion; it's an ongoing process.


  1. Well, it certainly has given you a clean slate! Don't worry - anyone who actually needed you do anything will nag again.

    A lesson in dealing with stuff little and after and each day as it comes not letting it pile up (says she of the 138 item to-do list...!!) ;-)

    1. says she of the 138 item to-do list...!

      You have my sympathies. No, really. {snortle!!!}


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