Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Lots of small things make a big difference

LP's imminent departure for the rest of the summer serves to concentrate the mind wonderfully.  On Monday we were blessed with a warm, sunny day and much progress was made.  We were on a mission to mop up a series of small (by Bag End standards) jobs which have been hanging around for ages, things we always meant to do but never got round to.

At the end of the afternoon LP grumbled (sort of) that he'd "not done much, just little things" so Management had to point out quite forcibly that lots of small things, when put together, make a BIG difference.

Not surprisingly, I didn't get any planting done today.  It was more important that I 'supervise' LP who can, on occasions, be even more of a perfectionist than me and spend much longer on a task than it might really need.  Generally we don't mind that and are happy to let him work in his own way but today I had to crack the whip a bit and on a couple of occasions explain that he'd done the difficult stuff which I couldn't manage alone but the finishing up could be completed when he wasn't here.

I was careful only to "assist" and took it very easy and didn't lift heavy stuff.  A couple of weeks ago I reckoned that the sore shoulders (which I attributed to shovelling bark chip) were not getting better on their own and returned to my physio.  She's identified the problem as something at the back of my shoulder joint which I can't pronounce but it's fixable if I act sensibly.  And for once, that is what I am doing :}

No photos of the actual work in progress but here's a catalogue of what we achieved on Monday.

Paving slab edge on both sides of the black deck so I can mow the grass more easily.  Management is happy we have more "all weather" access to the water's edge!

Finished edging the "bed to be" at the side of the Coppice.  I will do the larch slab at the back and fill in that gap middle bottom.

Built the edging for a bed behind the Top Pond trellis.  Sheltered and facing west I have fantasies of growing an apricot against the trellis.

Stepping stones from the house path up to the Top Pond.

Tweaked the walkway that's actually "in" the Big Pond and adjusted an edge to overcome the problem of my trimming the liner a little bit too enthusiastically. 

A firm paving slab base in the nursery area for the greenhouse/cold frame which LP gave us.

Predictably, Daisy's contribution was negligible.

The weather on Tuesday was nowhere near as co-operative :{   Even so, LP was able to finish digging out the ground in front of the greenhouse to make it level.  Until I put down membrane and bark chips it's necessary to 'walk the plank' to avoid the mud!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Sue, it really is looking like a garden now, and not just a construction site and I'm getting a huge amount of pleasure just being in it :}

  2. Wow, as you say a little makes up to a lot. Can you really grow an apricot up your way. We even have trouble here with frost when it's in blossom. Daisy sort of looked like she may have been supervising.

    1. Thanks Susan, yes - apparently apricots will grow outdoors this far north, just might need some Spring protection.

  3. And he thought that he hadn't done much - wow!

    1. apparently "little jobs" don't count ... does he not realise that a 2-hour "little job" for him would be an entire exhausting weekend for me?

  4. Looking brilliant and seen it for real now :-)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and that we had time to wander around slowly :}


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