Monday, 29 July 2013

High Nook Tarn

Daisy and I set off at lunchtime today without a clear plan of exactly where we'd walk, other than it would include Holme Wood behind Loweswater.  An inch of rain last night had kept me awake and I didn't think either of us had the energy to go far or do much.

After a pleasant stroll down the side of the lake I stopped for a natter with the National Trust ranger and J. who lives near the water. 

Made a decision to head up towards High Nook farm, but five minutes later I was back chasing down the locals . . . and another five minutes after that J. came back up the path with me and together we released a young ram who had got his head through pig wire (twice), hooked his horns around the wire and was in the process of being throttled.  It took both of us and a great deal of brute force so no photos.  J. went back home to contact the chap who owns these sheep, Daisy and I set off again.

It wasn't long before we were at High Nook Tarn, and despite wet ground from last night's downpour, Her Ladyship seemed quite pleased with our destination.

     A close-up of Whinlatter where we walked at the weekend.

     After last night's rain there was a lot of water in Holme Force.

     Looking over to Crummock Water.

A gentle stroll up the old mining track which lead to Fangs Brow, back into the woods and then home.

Yes, I have some new navigational trickery which I will probably write about when I've got to know it a little better :}

5 miles, a little further than I intended to walk but it was a gentle stroll.  Daisy seemed to take it all in her stride but has done a lot of sleeping since we got home :}


  1. I'm sorry Bilbo, but 5 miles is NOT a gentle stroll!

    1. Honestly Sue, it WAS! Next time you are over here, providing you remember to bring The Shoes, I have no doubt that you could manage much of this walk - if not all of it. Look at the altitude profile in the last picture - see, most of the first section is almost flat, we could do that bit ...

  2. The view in that last photo is just stunning.

    1. Hi Mrs Rusty, that's the view from the miners track just before I cut back into Home Wood.

      I could name all the fells for you ....

  3. That walk looks absolutely amazing and love the little map.

    1. Thanks Susan, it was lovely. Saw very few people and at times there was no noise except the occasional bird - bliss :}


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