Sunday, 28 July 2013


A very fruitful Sunday,  much of which will end up being a Fruit Sundae ....  :}

Heavy rain all night so I didn't expect to get much done outside but it cleared up by late morning.  A few plants in the two new beds (Coppice and next to the Top Pond trellis).  The yew plants emphasise that gardening is a long game - and it could be a very long time before these little plants make much of a screen!  They are self-sown seedlings which have been rescued as we cleared the garden so have already shown their toughness and will to survive.  Hopefully now they're in a good location with decent soil there will be a growth spurt?

In the usual style of "Bag End dependencies" I want to get the pile of larch waste cut up and added to the Log Store.

Before I do that the pallets need moving out of the way.

I want to put the pallets behind the log store so it is necessary to move all the small timber which was cut and stacked when we made a start on clearing what will be the veg patch ...  which thankfully is where Management came in.

I filled buckets of logs, he packed them into the Log Store.  He is much neater and tidier than me and we got nearly everything moved before it was time for lunch.

The hot weather has brought on a case of 'soft fruit all ripening at the same time' syndrome so the entire evening was spent preparing gooseberries and blackcurrants.  The last handful of strawberries have been added to a red gooseberry and blackcurrant mixture ready to make a Summer's Pudding.  Yum yum!

Daisy, very helpfully, took up station right behind my chair so I couldn't have given up and gone somewhere else if I'd wanted to.

     Blackcurrant fingers - it washes off, eventually :}

Inspired by my friend Sue, this will all be compote and stored in the freezer by tomorrow.


  1. I really like the logs you've used around the planting beds. It looks great.

    1. Thanks Kelli, welcome to Bag End. The 'logs' are larch slab and any timber yard should have them. They are the outer trunk which is cut off (and often wasted) when a tree is planked.

  2. That was a very fruitful day!!! Logs looking good and the soft fruit looks so yummy.

    1. Hi Susan, the hot spell followed by some rain really brought the fruit on. I suspect I'll have to have another picking session tomorrow. How's your weather at present?


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