Friday, 12 July 2013


Without doubt, one of the stars of the garden this year have been the foxgloves.  Sown from a cheap packet of 'Excelsior Mixed' by June the plants in the Coppice were getting taller and taller:

And then they got taller still, obviously enjoying being tucked in behind the hazel hedge, it's a shady spot which remains slightly moist throughout the year:

The flowers were divine and lasted for weeks and weeks.  And because this idiot gardener never got round to sowing more for next year it will be 2015 before we get another display like this :{


  1. So beautiful ,,, I love foxgloves. Back from our adventure in France and having a catch up :-) Delaying tactics from thinking what to have to eat tonight :-/

    1. I remember how much you loved the foxgloves on Latrigg. Welcome home :}


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