Sunday, 14 July 2013

Blog-lag is not a problem

No matey, blog-lag ain't the problem.  Catching up is the problem . . .

If I did less and sat around more it would be simple but my life's not like that.  In the last two weeks we've had LP working like a thing-possessed to get jobs completed before he goes away for the whole summer, an overdue visit from Jill, an extremely overdue visit from QuiltSue and the hottest fortnight that I can remember for years.  So, much has been going on but only in the real world, and not in blog-land. 

I know there are lots of lovely blogs which regularly have gaps in their postings but that won't work here.  The View From has always been, and continues to be, my personal journal of our life in Cumbria.  The comments and interactions from friends are a huge bonus but posts would continue if no-one but Management and I ever looked at it.  I often look back at old blog posts; what were we doing this time last year, or how did this part of the garden used to look.  If I leave gaps then there will be a time in the future when I'm looking back and something will be missing.  I don't want that.

But the new, relaxed version of Hobbit isn't worried - it will rain soon and I'll sit at the PC and sort through the hundreds of photos awaiting attention.

But it's not raining now and the wonderful hot spell has ripened our strawberry crop.  The smell as you go near the plants is divine which is probably why the blackbirds are being driven nuts by the netting I've put up to keep them away.

So far we have gorged on:

2kg - first set of plants to ripen in the greenhouse
1.4 kg - potager
630g - second set of greenhouse plants

I've just picked another 3kg of delicious ripe fruit and there's just as much, if not more, still on the plants.  Bring on the jam pan!


  1. I also love strawberries and try so hard to grow them for us to eat, but it seems the wildlife get to them even when netted. Between birds still getting in (not netted well enough), skinks, snails, slaters and earwigs, we only end up with a few. Did you do any sewing?

    1. Hi Susan, I've had to net the ROOF of the greenhouse because the blasted feathered thieves were getting in through open windows to snaffle strawberries. Sorry you've not been too successful.

      No sewing here, I'll pop over to yours later and see how your weekend has been going.

  2. Marvellous! But I hope your netting is extra heavy duty... pop over when you have a mo!

    1. Afternoon Mrs RD, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I reckon our netting is fairly substantial but I'd better come over and see what you're up to :}

  3. Netting and strawberries go together as much as strawberries and cream!

    1. and (sadly) ripe berries & blackbirds ...

      I love all the wild creatures which visit Bag End but it gets a bit tiresome having to turn part of the garden into Fort Knox!


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