Sunday, 14 July 2013

Another Red Letter day: Daisy gets a bath

This morning Daisy and I walked down by the river.  Whilst she is still very uncertain near water our little girl continues to gain in confidence and will now, providing the water is flat and still, have a drink. 

Unfortunately she misjudged it and instead of standing on stones she found one of the very few muddy spots and went up to her ankles in smelly riverside gunk - and boy, did she move fast to get out of it!

Back at home her feet were still filthy and a proper wash was the only option.  No photos because wrangling Daisy and a bucket of water on the lawn at the same time leave no hands for a camera.  For the first time she allowed me to wash her feet properly (even lifting up a leg and standing it in the bucket I was using) and as things were going so well I reckoned I could get away with washing all of her.

Yes, she wriggled; yes, she would have preferred not to be bathed but I was able to get her completely washed (except the head) and rinsed without incident.  She was then ordained into the obligatory and insane game of Kill The Towel without which no dog bath is complete.



  1. Ahhh bless, she's coming on in leaps and bounds. Archie loves water, he always finds the muddiest puddle and wades in it right up to his head. You've no idea how embarrassing it is walking a black Cavalier back home with everyone pointing and laughing. He went for a trim on Saturday so sulked all weekend, then wasn't impressed yesterday when it was fleaing day. The vet's given us this stuff which smells of apple and it's really disagreeable to Archie, he doesn't like it one little bit.

    1. Thanks Jo, you made me laugh about taking a black Cavalier back home ... did the same with Ollie on more than one occasion. What is it with dogs who think they are have otter DNA?


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