Thursday, 28 March 2013

Day out with Daisy

All the years we came to Cumbria on holiday, visiting Ambleside and Keswick were treats, rare events to be savoured and remembered and I still pinch myself that (with no visitors dawdling along at 20mph) Ambleside is only a 45 minute drive away from home.  Close though it may be, it's too far for us to go, shop, get distracted and take a detour, and still be home within the three to four hour window which is the longest time we're prepared to leave Daisy alone.

Whilst she travels well in the car on 20 minute trips to the fells, this was her first full day out and she was brilliant.  First port of call was a half hour run in Rothay Park.  A long time ago we stayed in a house near Miller Bridge and walked through the park every morning to get fresh bread.  The trees growing through the rock are even larger, it is still a lovely place and always reminds us of the peace and serenity of Japanese gardens.  Daisy voted for the patches of snow and played snowballs with enthusiasm.

After a wander through town and lunch we left her alone in the car for half an hour and she seemed to cope extremely well.

Errands accomplished, we decided not to go straight home and headed for Windermere.  Management remembered a small NT picnic area just off the Bowness road.  Another good run for Daisy, more snow to mess around on, and a quiet stroll along the lakeside before back to the car.

     She was not at all happy walking onto the jetty, this is about as far as she got before turning tail and sprinting for the safety of the shore.

Her Ladyship seemed unphased by another half hour on her own whilst we bimbled around Lakeland.  We then made a typical decision to come home via something of a detour and drove up through Troutbeck over the Kirkstone Pass.  Ploughs had cleared the snow leaving banks at the side which in places were higher than the car.  No photos because I was concentrating on the road which occasionally narrowed to just one lane with no warning.  It was beautiful though, blue sky and the fells looking stunning.  No photos either of our stop at the top of the Pass.  The road down to Ambleside (the aptly named The Struggle) was full of snow and impassable but we walked a short way down it just for fun.  Off the lead Daisy went nuts in the deep snow drifts and I was enjoying playing with her too much to think about taking pictures.

We finished off a lovely day by visiting friends near Greystoke for an excellent cuppa and a chance for Daisy to meet their year old Springer, Breeze.

Home safe, a Grand Day Out.


  1. Love Daisy's expressive stance on the jetty. I also love the gnarled tree too - sort of photo I'd take.

  2. We've never been able to leave Tivvy in the car on a day out. She's very good at travelling in the car but if the car stops and the engine is turned off - that's it! She reckons she should be first out of the car and off for a walk and lets us know it.

  3. Does indeed sound like a lovely day out. Let's hope its the first of many.

  4. It seems you had a lovely day out and by the photos it was pleasant weather even though cold. I just can't believe Daisy loves the white stuff so much.

  5. Sue, I think you'd like this park, it's only 5 minutes from the centre of Ambleside but so peaceful.
    Daisy was not convinced she was safe on that jetty.

    G41, (Martyn?), the trick which works for us is that the dog gets a good walk when we arrive at a destination, then left for a little while.

    FFG, I hope so too, weather permitting.

    Susan, we can't believe how much Daisy loves snow either :}


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