Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cyclamen planted !

Given my atrocious track record for how long plants sometimes sit in pots before making it into the ground, it is something of a miracle that all the cyclamen which Sue & Martyn brought me are planted within a week or arriving at Bag End.

I'd originally thought to put them in the Coppice however the shady side of the willow fedge bed was looking very bare.  It will be good to be able to see the flowers next winter from the kitchen window.

I've also managed, after far too long, to plant all the snowdrops which have been sitting in pots.  They were rescued from Certain Death By Size 12 Boot when our trellis fence was put in and have been waiting quietly ever since. Now safely planted in the Coppice and under one of the laurel hedges I'll cross my fingers that they find themselves happy and ready to reproduce.


  1. You'll probably soon have plenty for both areas once they start spreading! It's very satisfying to plant things!

    1. You're right Sue, there has been far too much construction here and not enough cultivation.


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