Saturday, 23 March 2013

A seaside walk with no snow

Reports of our demise were greatly exaggerated and generally completely misreported by a headline hungry media more intent on sound-bites than facts.  There is no snow in our part of Cumbria.  There was however, a bitingly cold easterly wind which meant that going anywhere near the fells was completely out of the question this weekend.  We wanted a walk and Daisy needed a good run so Management suggested the Mawbray sand dunes.

A lovely, albeit slightly bracing, 3 mile walk which all three of us enjoyed.  We only saw one other person in the distance the whole walk but when back at the car Daisy could not believe the two huge dogs who wanted to play with her.  She may never have met two 2½ year old Irish Wolfhounds before but it didn't take her long to outrun them and assert her position as boss dog!

We set off for home talking about the mutual need for hot food.  Five minutes later we were at the chippy in Allonby where our lunch was cooked to order.

We drove 50 yards to the beach front to sit in a rapidly steaming-up vehicle and devour a delicious treat whilst the strong winds battered the car.  Although not allowed batter or chips, Daisy was happy to help me with a huge portion of fish.  We did wonder if there were any other idiots people eating fish & chips at the seaside anywhere in England at the same time?

The last time I remember having fish & chips was in Maryport about four years ago so I think the arteries will survive.


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  2. We were on holiday near Stratford on Avon last week (earlier this week. We had will we won't we set off discussions on Friday as we had snow but looking at road cameras along our route we saw that the route was clear and no snow at our destination. That waited 'til Saturday and Sunday! It was bitterly cold and at times Tivvy refused to do out for a walk but poor thing had been clipped the week before. Must make her a fleece like Daisy has.

    Rewritten as I can't believe I put Stratford on Haven (by the way not a very dig friendly area we couldn't take Tivvy anywhere!)

  3. Hi Susan, sorry your holiday got sidetracked by the snow. Must have been a thermal shock for Tivvy :}


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