Sunday, 3 March 2013

A good volunteer is worth ten pressed men

Thankfully, this weekend I had two good volunteers because the bug which seems to have taken hold of West Cumbria since Christmas decided to have another stab at me over the weekend.  I felt fine when I got up on Saturday but by the time I'd had a shower and breakfast my legs had turned to jelly.

LP collected some freshly cut larch slab first thing but was still here bright and early to fix the windbreak netting.   Management, who was exhausted from a week in London, changed into working clothes, rolled his sleeves up and worked alongside him all day Saturday and much of Sunday.

First the netting went up held in place by the horizontal rails we've recycled from the paddock fence, then larch slab at the bottom.  The ground needs making up at least 12" or more in order to bring it vaguely level with the Cottage Garden lawn and  the idea is that the larch will hold the soil back and we've protected it with DPC to keep the soil from directly touching it. 

My contribution was to paint the rails black because that didn't involve too much walking.  Management then set to with the Karcher and blasted loose paint off the wall.  We've been here five years and everything is very overdue for a fresh coat of Dulux :}


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