Sunday, 24 February 2013

Weekend working

LP was recently offered four weeks guaranteed work that could not be rained off.  I told him he'd be a fool to turn the job down and not to worry about our garden.  He told me that the contract wasn't "real work" because he'd be sitting down driving all day and therefore he'd like to do some "proper work" at weekends if we didn't mind.  Which is how come I spent all day Saturday and Sunday in the garden perhaps I'm the fool because I'm cream-crackered.

Last October he and Geoff removed all the dead and dying escallonia from the front bed and it's looked dreadful ever since.  We decided to reclaim another 2 metres of garden (like we need more garden!) and have the replacement hedge inside a fence instead of isolated along the pavement and largely forgotten.

So 15 new fence posts, followed by lots of bracing, and in between that we installed the trellis behind the Top Pond and allocated all the roof lathe that is needed for the trellis next to the vegetable patch.  I didn't want to be cutting into our dwindling supply of lathe to make the braces and suddenly find we'd left ourselves short of material to build the trellis.

The paddock fence has been taken down (although we've used the bottoms of the fence posts to support the braces) and I've now got a good supply of timber that we can re-use.

Daisy bimbled around with us and was very well-behaved although she did get cold a few times and had to be put inside which she wasn't very impressed with.

Until new windbreak netting is installed we are horribly exposed and I'm keeping all the blinds closed at the front of the house.  It also means that Daisy could go walkabout so we've banned her from the Cottage Garden by the simple blocking of the archway; makes me wonder whether we might want to put a gate here one day although I'm not sure what purpose it would serve?

Whilst LP did all the real work I cut down dead growth from the perennials and pruned a few shrubs but there's more weeding to be done and I still haven't cut back the autumn raspberries . . .


  1. Just catching up on your blog and the garden is going to look great. Daisy looks so cute in her coat and a gate sounds likes a sensible idea to keep her in/out. I've seen some great ones over the years from simple to imaginative.

  2. Thanks for all the comments Susan, we tend to agree that Daisy has quite a high 'cuteness' rating :}

  3. It's amazing what those daffs have withstood! Any in flower yet?

    1. Unfortunately they got even more trashed the weekend just gone when the netting went up. However, a few brave blooms are in flower but they've taken a battering. Will give them compost and TLC and hope for a better show next Spring.

  4. I haven't cut back out autumn raspberries either.


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