Friday, 8 February 2013

Veg Patch and other progress

Unbelievably - a dry day with sunshine.  LP and I worked all day without waterproofs, during the afternoon I even shed the jacket and worked just in a fleece top!

LP moved all the stones into the skip, except for the river cobble types which will be added to the ponds at some point.  Took him much longer than I thought it would which proves I made the right choice yesterday by stopping and leaving it for someone stronger . . .

I thought I would put some pots of snowdrops into the soil - but it didn't happen, not sure what the interruptions were, but the poor little bulbs have been in pots for a couple of years, another few days won't make any difference.

It didn't take long to refix the windbreak netting, but just one layer this time, I'm pleased with how it looks and there's no danger now of Daisy jumping over the wooden fence and going walkabout.

The net is not hugely visible at this angle but the veg patch really is as covered in ivy and shrub roots as it looks ...


After lunch LP attacked the vegetable patch again whilst I cut down more holly.  It's lovely how quickly we have been able to make a big difference in this area, I'm allowing myself a sneaky feeling that we might actuallly grow some edibles this year :}


  1. Glad to see you're out and about the gardens and got some decent weather at last. Look at all you've accomplished! Hmmm, didn't see any sign of Daisy out there. LOL

  2. Have you any flower buds on the snowdrops?

  3. Snowdrops in pots! Thanks Bilbo, that might be an idea for me. Looks like your making great progress on the veg patch.

  4. Kris, I assure you Daisy was outside with me the entire day. She pottered around, demanded the ball was thrown numerous times each hour and generally had a very pleasant time. She was also knackered in the evening and didn't move from the wood-burner until it was time for bed!

    Sue, I believe snowdrops like to get fairly dry and warm during the summer. Seeing as our bulbs had neither condition last year then perhaps this is the reason we have very few buds, and those there are are very small.

    Susan, my snowdrops are only in pots because I transplanted them for safe keeping when we had some fencing done and have been very remiss in getting them back in the ground.


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