Sunday, 9 December 2012

It's a dog's life

Three weeks into our new life together.

Daisy feels the cold quite badly.  Although she loves her little night-time 'cave' it gets chilly in the middle of the night at which point the warmest alternative is jumping up onto me at 3.00am.  I thought I'd solved that problem by giving her a hot water bottle wrapped in a blanket.  This worked well until the HWB cooled down, so Daisy did the sensible thing - jumped up onto me at 4.00am.  A chance conversation with a friend, half an hour on the internet, and Daisy now has her own electric blanket.

A 'pet heat pad' operating at a very low voltage and putting out just enough heat to keep Little Miss Perfect warm all night.  So warm that she's in no hurry to get up in the mornings.


When she does finally deign to get up I'm "teaching" her that the car is not a terrifying place by driving half a mile down to the river.  Won't be long before we trust each other enough that she can go off the lead.

Much of the afternoon is spent on a memory foam mattress watching the world go by.  Being so underweight she has very little 'natural padding' and does like to lay on something comfy.

As soon as the wood burner goes on, Her Ladyship expects her bed to be moved in front of the fire.  Just the right place to spend the evening until it's time to return to her heated 'pod' and start the cycle all over again.

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