Friday, 23 November 2012

Somebody likes to be comfortable

With absolutely no spare flesh to provide cushioning, Somebody likes to be comfortable.  Doesn't matter whether it's her memory foam beds, a cheapo duvet from Wilko or the sofa, Daisy is much happier when she's curled up on something soft.

And she knows how to play and is keeping Management busy in the evenings.


  1. First time I have seen photos showing her ribs - she is thin, isn't she? Has she started to put weight on yet? I'm sure, on she starts to put on weight she'll fill out quickly just like Teagan did.

  2. Hi John, yes, she is terribly thin, I reckon up to 20% underweight but we're seeing our vet tomorrow and I trust her opinion. She's not putting weight on yet but it's early days and she has started eating well now.

  3. The fact that she's playing is really great. She obviously feels fairly relaxed about life now.

    1. Absolutely Sue. Occasionally she will play by herself for a moment (throwing toy in the air type play) or have mad moment spinning round to catch her tail. We're finding it harder and harder to believe she is as old as eight ...

  4. Well, don't we all like a soft place to lie down? I'm so glad she's playing with you and management now.


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