Friday, 30 November 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty:  the view on a clear day.

Beast:  that would be Daisy.  This is an old 'ragger' toy, Ollie has given it a good seeing to and nibbled away a lot of the threads.  It would have taken him months to get it to this stage.

It took Daisy less than 20 minutes to reduce it to this:

Don't know about calling her Gizmo, Yoda or Long-Eared Bat.  Jaws is starting to look suitable.  Thankfully she's a good little girl and only does this to toys.


  1. Funny - we were only commenting how clear the views were earlier in the day and that your's would be at it's best! pleased her nibs is settling in well. Nice to have someone to cuddle on these cold nights while management is away!

    1. Morning Mrs Bumpkin, view got even better later in the day when the clouds cleared and the snowy summit was set against blue sky. Look forward to Daisy meeting Breeze but at present D. is not happy in the car so we're building her up slowly with short journeys. Oh, and her recall is rubbish so I'm not letting her off the lead yet either.

  2. What a gorgeous view. It looks so clear and still.

    As for Daisy's destructive talents, it could have been a lot worse, as you say.

    1. This could be tempting fate Sue, but she doesn't currently show any inclination to chew at anything unless it's been given to her as a toy .... early days though.


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