Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Can't make an omelette without breaking eggs

Despite getting outline quotes for plumbing and plastering at the beginning of the year we have managed to make very little progress with the refurbishment of our entrance/mud room.  Most of the delay was caused by the length of time it took to find a new door; however it was fitted in June so I can't use that an excuse any longer. (Strewth, is it really that long ago?  I was convinced we had it done at the end of August!) The next bit of delay was that we had decided to do the clearing and preparation prior to tradesmen turning up.  As Management has neither the time nor inclination and I don't seem to have the time, we weren't making much progress!

Enter LP who is just keen to work, and (within reason) doesn't mind what he does!  Torrential rain meant he couldn't do anything in the garden and we had retained the skip in order to have somewhere for all the wallpaper and plaster mess.

I knew that when one section of wallpaper came off most of the plaster would go with it ... I hadn't reckoned on some atrocious blockwork underneath.  This bit of wall is obviously part of an extension and adds to the continuing confusion about the various alternations which Bag End has endured over the years.  Wayne is due on Friday to have a good look at it all, I've already told him the 'correct' response is "don't worry, this is not load-bearing and it will be fine when re-plastered".

Plumber's partner is about to have their first baby and (thankfully) unavailable for a week or two so it looks like I have time to find the loo and basin we want before rebuilding starts.


  1. Yikes! Looks almost as bad as our downstairs level did, partially underground and damp which David has just dry-lined and completely redecorated.

  2. Sorry girls, only just found these comments :{ I made the mistake of enabling a Google Mail account ... and despite regularly changing the settings to have all messages sent to my 'real' email address, sometimes things are slipping through. Grrrr.


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