Sunday, 30 September 2012

Loving a bargain!

Management is a clever chap.  "Why don't you have a drive over to Lamberlea" he says "if Dobbies were selling off their pond plants last week, Lamberlea might being do the same".  The weather was absolutely foul and he wanted to watch bike racing so late morning I had a wet and windy drive down the coast.

The pond plants were looking robust and healthy, not like the pot-bound left-overs from Dobbies.  Over the last two years I've purchased a lot from this garden centre, they are the nearest pond specialist and certainly one of the best.  Feeling rather cheeky I went to the counter and asked if/when pond stock would be reduced in price.  "Right now, if you're interested" was the welcome answer and a short while later I couldn't squeeze another pot into the back of Hattie!   John and Margaret went to a lot of trouble to find waterproof fish boxes to put all the plants in and helped load the car despite the incessant rain. 

Management suggests I go back tomorrow for more, he might be right . . .  The Big Pond is very large and I want to make some planting changes to the Top Pond and the Little Pond in the Cottage Garden which has been somewhat abandoned this summer.

Spent pleasant hour spreading the new acquisitions around the pond, and found yet another use for the marvellous blue mushroom boxes :}

I know I'll lose the labels, so this list is for my benefit

Caltha 'Yellow Giant'
Caltha polypetala
Caltha palustris var. alba (Marsh marigold)
Orontium aquaticum(Golden Club)
Sisrinchium californicum (Yellow Eyed grass, although it's more like a miniature Iris)
Eriophorum (Cotton Grass)
Geum rivale
Carex panicea
Carex riparia variegata
Thalia dealbata (Powdery Alligator Flag)
Saururus cernuus (American Swamp Lily, or Lizard's Tail)


  1. You did drop lucky there - just goes to show that it's always worth asking the question!

    1. I felt quite uncomfortable and cheeky doing so, Sue, but am very glad I did :}

  2. Fabulous! The reflections are pretty impressive too :-)

  3. I just love the way your garden is taking shape Bilbo. The sky looks quite clear in your photos so presumably that weekend rain (which we had over here earlier in the week) had stopped.

    1. Thanks WoG. Sadly that was just an afternoon respite. September rainfall total is the highest so far this year and it's raining again now ... sigh. Many locals are getting worried and remembering November 2009.

  4. Yep, taking shape nicely Bilbo!
    I've been banned from the nurseries for a while by Himself which, given how many unplanted plants I've still got lurking round the garden, is probably a good move on his part! :-P
    You've been mentioned in dispatches over on my blog :-D x

    1. thanks Nutty, I know so well about the demise of good intentions which languish in pots and never make it to the soil. I have a nursery area full of them .....


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