Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A perennial problem

Back in the Spring, such as it was, I embarked on the usual frenzied round of sowing seeds.  A selection from the RHS, a few from the box which has lived in the fridge for far too long, but all perennials, an investment in the future of mixed borders at Bag End.

As always there was varied success (and failure - Tagetes minuta being a case in point) but generally the Hobbit's fingers remain fairly green and plants germinate, to be pricked out, to grow on and . . .   What should happen next is 'be planted out' but that hasn't happened.  Most of the plants I've grown were intended for the long side border that's about 25 metres long. That would be the side border which hasn't seen a single spade so far thanks to the wettest and coldest summer I can remember.  Once again I have a nursery full of plants and nowhere to put them.  Sigh.

The mushroom boxes are proving to be invaluable though!


  1. Botheration would seem the only thing to say.

    1. Trust me, NOT the only thing ...... Mrs Flummery's favourite expression springs to mind: Bummocks!


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