Monday, 27 August 2012

Sewing weekend

Another wet Bank Holiday, I feel so sorry for anyone who thought a late August break in the Lake District was a good idea.  106mm of rain so far this month, and 30mm of that in the last seven days.  Not a weekend to be working outside even though I could find a week's worth of work to do if I felt like it.  I don't feel like it.

What I do feel like, however, is getting back to the lovely tactile sensation of working with fabric and the pleasure of creating something.  Trouble is, I can't work in a clutter.  Nor can I happily begin new projects when I have a multitude of unfinished pieces sitting lonely in a corner.  Time to get some UFO's off the pile and into use, there are no "before" photos - it was all too much of a mess and too horrible to be recorded for posterity. 

The first item to be worked on was the largest and hardest.  Over three years ago my sister-in-law celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and my present to her was a full-size bed quilt.  She knew exactly what she wanted and fabrics were purchased, quilting designs agreed.  Three years ago Management and I lost one third of our little family, the world changed forever and I've done very little sewing since.  J. had requested a wholecloth and I finally completed the quilting back in February but there's been no progress since.  By finishing the binding this weekend the quilt can be delivered in a few days time when we go visiting.

With the biggest task under control hand stitching the binding on a couple of place mats was fairly easy (photo colours are really off),

followed by machine finishing on a small quilt made in a suduko pattern.  The top was pieced about six years ago, I think I quilted it in about 2010 and of course, it was only after the quilting was completed that I realised I'd turned one of the blocks around and messed up the suduko placement.  D'uh.  The intended recipient won't care - this is going to a gorgeous baby who loves colour and fabric and is far too polite to tell Aunty Bilbo that she put a block the wrong way round! 

Another small table topper which, like the suduko quilt lays completely flat on the worktable but refuses to look smooth when hung up for a picture.  Think this will be a Christmas gift. 

Bundled up some small pieces which I don't want to finish, they'll go via a friend to a charity Christmas bazaar and all of a sudden I have no quilted pieces laying around waiting to be finished!

Now if I could only work as efficiently and quickly through the huge pile of pieced tops waiting to be quilted . . .


  1. Well, what can I say, except, maybe, "welcome back to the daft side".

  2. I think I enjoy your quilting projects as much as your garden projects :-)

  3. It's like a Persian (I think it is Persoan) rug where they added a small mistake as they said only God made things perfect.

  4. So good to see that the creative urge is slowly returning (not that you're not being creative in the garden, but you know what I mean!). I love your SIL's whole cloth and I'm sure she will too.

  5. Good job on catching up with those quilt projects. I, too, have occasionally 'unloaded' half-finished projects so as not to keep me from starting others anew. There's nothing like a clean slate to get one motivated. Heaven knows you've got the weather to make indoor activities tempting so at least your bank holiday wasn't a total bust.

  6. I adore that bright colourful one Bilbo. I am exactly like you, I cannot work in an untidy room.
    My son has been walking and camping in the Lakes since Friday and is home today saying that it hardly stopped raining.

  7. Thank you all for the lovely comments.

    @QuiltSue, what's daft about buying perfectly good fabric, cutting it into small pieces, and sewing it back together again?

    @Jill, careful dear, this is how Hazel started. She only dropped by for the gardening stuff and was quite sure she wouldn't/couldn't do patchwork. Lost count of how many projects she has finished in the last year!

    @Sue, the Amish say the same thing. I'm working on "finished is better than perfect".

    @SewAli, yes, I know exactly what you mean about being creative in the garden :} The wholecloth is stitched in Keryn Emerson's "Groundcover" pattern, pretty without being girly, interlocks well.

    @Kris, this isn't the first time items 'no longer wanted on voyage' have found a new home, it's much better than having them hanging around glaring in an accusatory fashion!

    @WoG, hope your son has dried out by now, sorry if his weekend was a washout.


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