Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Rag rug, part two

It's the wettest, most miserable, coldest summer I can remember.  Thank heavens we don't rely on my producing food crops because if we did there would be hunger in autumn and winter.

Little garden progress by my usual standards but with a small bit of attitude adjustment and a deep sigh, I'm OK with that.  As railing against the wind and rain won't make it go away I might as well grin and bear it and as a result, the house is comfortingly tidy, the paperwork on my desk is at manageable levels and I finally made a start on a rag rug.  The latter has been an interesting learning exercise as I realised I had to abandon/undo everything completed to date and start again but surprisingly, I'm not irritated by that.  My first couple of quilts were atrocious constructions measured against what I know now so it's not unexpected that my first untutored foray into a new craft hit a couple of bumps.

I realised that the frame I was using was totally unsuitable and I'd not secured the hessian edges properly.  It didn't take long to dismantle what I'd done but it took longer to decide on new hessian and whether or not to buy a rag rugger tool.

I had started with a traditional hardwood proddy which worked fine but meant I needed to be able to reach the back of the hessian.  The huge new frame I constructed was too big to do that comfortably and a different tool would allow me to work from one side.  I made the investment and am very glad I did, I can work much faster and with less strain on fingers. 

This is a deeply addictive and glorious activity. The feel underfoot of the small section I have created so far is wonderful and it's lovely to finally have a use for all those small pieces of left-over fabric.


  1. Your rag rug right now looks like a patch of color lichen growing out of the cloth. And am I the only one who thinks you must never sleep AND that your days are much longer than the measly 24 hours the rest of are dealt? :-P

    1. Lichen? What a lovely description, I think you might like what I've done since the photo was taken:}

      And yes I do sleep, and yes I only have the same 24 hours everyone else gets. I don't spend a lot of time sitting around though :}


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