Friday, 3 August 2012

A break in the weather

Unaccustomed luxury - two days without rain (although we've already had 4mm this month).  LP was available Thursday afternoon and all day Friday and whilst the ground around the Big Pond is still far too wet to be dug over, we managed to find a lot of "small" jobs which needed attention and the end result is a very happy Hobbit because it feels we're really making a difference.

After spending hours weeding the Bog Bed and covering it with bark I'd knuckled down and weeded the Coppice - again.  LP helped shift bucket after bucket of bark chips and we covered most of the soil in this area.  Haven't done all of it because there's still two trays of Foxgloves to be planted behind the hazels and lots of snowdrops to get in the ground.  I can put bark down myself once that planting is done.  Note the positive "I can put bark down" - huh, that assumes I ever get the flippin' planting done!

The big pile of pony poo that was stored in the Coppice has turned into glorious Black Gold and is ready to use.  When the hornbeam hedge was planted I didn't have much compost available so we remedied that situation and gave the plants a good thick mulch.  We then did the same with the hawthorn which borders the pavement.  That took far more compost - about 40 buckets at 9 buckets per trailer load carried by Miss Daisy.  LP lifted the buckets onto the wall, I stood on the wall and tipped the compost around the plants and by the time we'd finished I was knackered and filthy!  So much for "taking it easy" and letting someone else do the really hard work :{   Still need to cover both hedge bottoms with bark chip to prevent more weeds but I don't have to do that instantly.

Not surprisingly, on Friday morning I didn't fancy a repeat performance of Thursday afternoon.  I certainly didn't want to do it when the day started at 8.00am with our plumber turning up early to check out a leak in the hot water system that was  fitted less than four years ago.  For once, I managed to keep my involvement to a moderate level today but LP played a blinder and installed fence posts behind the top pond bench (OK, I've got to make and install trellis but just having the posts there makes a huge difference).

Then I asked him to finish setting in the paving slabs in the Coppice step which didn't take long after which he VOLUNTEERED to move some huge lumps of stone which were laying nearby.  For months I've been joking about using them to make a fake dry stone wall in the Coppice as a way of holding back the bank and providing a different habitat which might be good for toads.  Neither of us have any walling experience so we're pleased as punch with the results of a couple of hours hard work!


  1. What/who is the 'ghost woman' in pic 5? (that's made everyone go back and click the pics!)

    I can only guess at some sort of topiary endeavour??

    1. You've heard of the Green Man? She is Bag End's "Green Woman" and has yet to be formally named and make an official appearance :}

      She is a six foot tall wire-frame which I found in a local shop being used as a display mannequin. It took more than a little pleading and Hobbit-perseverance to persuade the shop manager to sell her to me . . . She has had a couple of coats of dark green Hammerite but needs a bit more which I hope to do when the paint comes out to do the new decking (waiting on the weather for that one!)

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  3. Hazel, I saw that too and decided that Hobbit had finally worked herself down to a shadow. LOL

    Well, cheers to Hobbit. Can't TELL you how long I've been looking for the last pic in this series! Finally - the slab steps! And don't they look wonderful.

    1. Cheers Kris, like many things at Bag End they steps have taken much longer than expected but are worth waiting for. Will do some better pictures when (if) I get a bit of planting done around them.


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