Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Just WHERE did the week go?

Another week gone whoosh. Stopping to think about it, however, we do seem to have been rather busy!

A large part of last weekend was taken up with terribly enjoyable socialising.  Nutty Gnome and the Reincarnated Inventor picked the most glorious three days for their visit which was punctuated by G&T's, a wonderful supper at The Spice Club, Sunday morning sitting around the pond, and much taking & laughing.  The RI has gone home with Miss Daisy envy and I shall cherish the (sadly un-photographed) memory of him driving her around the Cottage Garden lawn, his knees up around his ears, with a look of intense concentration;  he is about a foot taller than me and the seat position wasn't ideal.  He was either focussing terribly hard on not driving her into the small pond, or working out how to squeeze one out of the garden budget!

Monday - take Hattie to Carlisle to have a new rear windscreen.  That took most of the afternoon but had a happy finish when I called in to Dobbies on the way home.  Six Irish Moss plants, Sagina subatula, to start to create a green edge to the top pond.  It's going to be a while before the ones I am growing from seed are ready for the great outdoors.

Two visits to a stonemason to select and then collect a large lump of Coniston slate for a new front doorstep.  Only had to go as far as Keswick but still time-consuming (no, we are not paying inflated visitor prices and using Honister stone).

LP was only here one day, Wednesday, which he spent digging over the ground by the top pond.

He was also allowed to get his hands on The Sherpa and has made a great start on sieving all the soil which has been stacked by the greenhouse.  This pile was originally the turf from what is now the long Middle Bed in the Cottage Garden and was placed here in March 2011.  It is now lovely crumbly loan, albeit with more stones than desirable, but that's because the lawn at the front was originally laid on builders' muck and nothing had been done to it for years. We will use the sieved soil to top dress the ground before the turf goes down and the stones have found a home at the back of the long side border.

Another Mighty Mouse day and we should be ready to order turf and the side of the greenhouse should be clear so we can use the space for much needed cold frames.  Finally. 

Hair cut, shopping, and occasional sleeping and all of a sudden it's the end of the week.


  1. It was indeed a wonderful weekend and, in amidst all the talking, laughing and G&T's, I have to confess that we were slyly nicking ideas...we would have nicked Miss daisy too, but she wouldn't fit in my bag!!!

    .....spent part of the jubilee weekend brainstorming ideas, doing measurements, height differences etc - plans are afoot! :-)

    1. I find it somewhat surprising that YOU are nicking ideas from ME ... must talk about this.

      Miss Daisy is still securely locked and chained in her shed in case you were thinking of coming back with the Landy to have another go at offering her a new home :}


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