Friday, 25 May 2012


Do you believe in angels?  You should.  Don't want to call them angels? Try sixth sense, intuition, gut feeling if that feels better to you.

On Friday morning I nipped out to the supermarket.  Unusually I went to Tesco in Workington rather than Sainsbug in Cockermouth.  Travelling home on the A66, a ten minute journey at 60mph.

A sneezing fit.  Badly needed to blow my nose.  Pulled into a layby.  About to start off again, put the car in gear and   BANG !    Hattie's rear windscreen exploded, glass everywhere, incredible noise.  No-one has any idea why, maybe the heat, maybe a stone flicked up from a passing vehicle.

If I had been moving at 60mph the shock of the noise (and it was LOUD) would have caused me either to hit the brakes and the car behind could have ploughed into me or, more likely, I would have swerved across the road into the path of an oncoming vehicle which could also have been doing sixty.

 I never stop on that road, why would I, can almost see the house from most of it.  I stopped today . . .  Angels ?

A temporary repair and Hattie will be fixed next week when the glass arrives.  I spent the rest of the day in shock which might take a little longer to recover from.  


  1. Oh thanks gods you are okay! You are lucky for the sneezing fit. I hope the windshield is covered by insurance and I hope that you take a break, sip soothing cups of tea, and chat up some friends. It'll take the edge off the shock.

  2. Yep, sometimes there are things and beings greater than we who take a hand in things. Glad you're okay. Take the day to settle your nerves and remember, that it all happened as it was supposed to happen.

  3. Girls, thank you both, very much. I'll be happier when Hattie is repaired, I have to take her to the workshop tomorrow to have the glass fitted because it is a hinged window and the hydraulic struts have to be pressurised and so on.

    Kris, we've paid the excess* and the insurance covers the rest.

    * that's deductible to you :}

  4. Yes I definitely believe in angels! Glad one was looking over your shoulder on Friday!

  5. Definitely a day to say thank you somewhere! Perhaps all those plants and animals at Bag End want you back to finish what you started in their home!! Where ever it came from, I'm glad you're ok.

  6. Yikes that must have been so scary. I once had the "boot cover" come off a hatchback car, sail across the roof and land on the bonnet, late at night on a country road, before they invented mobile phones. That was noisy, but I don't recall there being a big explosive sort of BANG noise. Glad you were OK though. Sometimes, sneezing is obviously good for you!

  7. There was definitely something looking after you that day, glad you're OK if a little shaken up.

  8. Angels? Not sure, but I do believe we all have someone/something watching over us :)
    Glad you're ok.

  9. Just want to say THANK YOU to everyone for your concern, both here and in emails. Hattie is now fixed and the new clean glass shows how dirty the poor girl is :{

    Amanda, chuckled at the thought the plants and animals wanted me back
    QuiltSue, now what you went through sounds way more frightening, in fact, I feel a bit of a wuss now that I reacted so badly.

    Moving swiftly on, LP will be here soon, work to do, gardens to make !!

  10. Of course we believe in angels! Glad your fine Bilbo! We've been a busy bunch around here. I really need to get back to my blogging world but the darn gardens keep calling me!!!

  11. I haven't logged in for months and today I did to see this post. Perhaps the angels guided me here to, just to let you know that we're thankful Aunty Bilbo is fine and that we think of you often as E plays on his quilt even though the lack of emailing might suggest otherwise x x x

  12. Eve, Nic, thank you both. All well here now and apologiess from me for not checking YOUR blogs either :}


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