Monday, 12 March 2012

The Trouble with Tribbles

This should really be called the Trouble with LISTS but it doesn't sound the same (and anyway, I am so old I remember the Star Trek Tribbles episodes the first time they were broadcast ☺)

Although there is still a phenomenal amount of work to do outside to make the garden into a garden (as opposed to the muddy building site that is half of it) I'm enjoying myself this Spring. Despite the constant rain and saturated ground I can actually see a (very faint) glimmer in the distance of a time when my gardening activities are focused around plants, rather than moving heavy materials and building things, strewth, when we get to that stage I won't know what to do with all the free time.*

I've admitted my List-Making compulsion before, trouble is, although I am terribly good at writing lists I don't always do what is on them which means whilst I'm always busy, the same jobs keep not getting accomplished. With Management away from Sunday night this week and my only commitment a quick haircut midweek, I wrote a long list and decided to be as disciplined as weather would permit and just work down it, from the top, one item at a time until I got to the bottom ...

Monday morning started with online shopping when I realised with a shock that I still hadn't ordered the tomato varieties I want from Seeds of Italy, plus a few other things that we needed. Miss Daisy was then put to work moving chipped bark from the driveway onto the greenhouse floor - looks lovely and smells great.

Then I realised I ~had~ to do something not on the list. We've asked Wayne and Keith to extend the path from the drive onto the garden to make it wider so I can easily move Daisy, hopefully they will start on Tuesday or Wednesday and before then a large pile of pony poo has to be moved out of the way ...

Crappy phone-photos today, note to self, give up using the phone and make the effort to take the proper camera outside or forever be hacked off at poor quality pictures.

from this (you can't see the lovely steam coming from the centre of the pile)

via this

to a much clearer drive

Once I'd done that it was too late in the day to start any other big jobs so I moved more bark to mop up some of the mud on Miss Daisy's route up and down the garden. After wiping as much mud as possible off Miss D. and cleaning the tools it was nearly 6.00pm by the time I came in. I've been busy all day and accomplished very little from The List.

I've promised myself a day of proper gardening tomorrow ... fingers crossed!

* Actually, I know EXACTLY what to do with any free time - fell-walking and fabric!


  1. I bet you really enjoyed driving Miss daisy around didn't you?

    1. In truth Sue, it's been a little fraught so far, however, now I can get supplies off the drive without risking damaging the machine I think I can relax and start to enjoy this.

  2. The Trouble with Tribbles is one of my fav episodes Bilbo! And I didn't become a Trekie by watching reruns!!! Ha ha! You're doin great! Keep that Miss Daisy Rollin!

    1. I'm not a Trekkie Eve, but I do remember the excitement when people started to get colour televisions and find out what colour the uniforms were!

  3. I love chipped bark and I can see steam!

    1. Well spotted that eagle-eyed woman! (you'd like the greenhouse at present - with the addition of the bark it smells 'right')

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