Tuesday, 13 March 2012

This is not a quilt

You thought I made quilts? Quilts which look like this:

Nah, what I really make is wee and sick collecting cloths and I'm absolutely delighted about that!   The best compliment you can pay a quiltmaker who has made you a 'baby quilt' is to turn around in a year or two and say "It's completely worn out, been totally loved to death". When that happens to this one I will promptly make another.

Or, in the words of the young man for whom this was created:

Dear Aunty Bilbo . . .
I love my quilt and it's now been christened with cat sick (Poppet 3 times) and wee (me once)
lots of love E x


  1. This really made me laugh!!! A very lucky young man to have one of your quilts. My babies all had Mothercare ones which they would try to carry about with them as they got older and always had to sleep with until they fell to bits!

  2. A happy quilter today, huh?? Glad to see its in use. And what an adorable little one.

  3. That is just so true. There's nothing like hearing that to give a quilter a warm fuzzy feeling.

  4. you're very clever Aunty Bilbo x

    I've just got back from the dentist with mummy - I was a very good boy and slept in the sling all through her appointment, even when the dentist dropped some gummy pink stuff on my head (mummy had to have a tooth out when I was in her tummy and now they're making her a new one :o)

    lots of love E x

  5. Thank you to all for the lovely comments, sorry it has taken me a while to reply.


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