Monday, 19 March 2012


Management claims he doesn't know anything about gardening.  That is a load of twaddle - 21 years with a green-fingered Hobbit coupled with a keen brain means he has picked up far more than he realises.  We've already established he has an excellent eye for the big picture and garden design, and now he's coming up with splendid practical suggestions too.  The ground in the area that is becoming known as the side bed is going to be horrible to prepare.  It's full of tree roots and has had nothing added to it but pine needles for the last 40 years.

On Sunday night he suggested we use the lasagne technique again to build up the soil in order that it can better support the big shrubs I want to plant for privacy.  If we ask LP to break over the soil as best he can and remove the largest stones, we can then pile on as much organic material as possible and wait for the worms and weather to do the rest.  To our surprise this quick & easy method worked remarkably well in the Cottage Garden so it's worth trying again.  To this end, Himself suggested we move the large pile of cow manure/pony poo that has been sitting on the drive for too long so that it is nearer where we're going to use it.

Which is how, when Bert brought today's stable muck over, he stayed for an hour or so driving the quad up and down the rough path we created for Miss Daisy.  Management helped for as long as possible (wet cow manure is a heavy beast to move) until he had to disappear inside for a conference call.  Fortunately, LP chose that moment to drop by to say hello and, bless him, didn't even need asking!  He picked up a pitchfork and very soon we had a massive muck heap on the edge of the Coppice and a nearly clean driveway.

     This looked a lot better after I'd hosed it down!

Moving bulk materials was definitely the thing to be doing today. Using Miss Daisy I shifted about 2 cubic metres of bark chips and have completely mulched the big bed in the Cottage Garden, then made a start on moving stones from the driveway.  Our friend wants his waders back soon so I need to get a hurry-up in placing stone in the pond.

     Sadly I didn't have enough of the (dark) half rotted bark chips and had to start on the fresh pile on the drive - hence the two-tone finish!

The only mild irritation in the day was trying to burn yesterday's prunings which would have gone well if it hadn't started to rain.


  1. Oh you are so clever. You can order up most anything, mulch, poo, machines, and, dearly coveted here at the gardens, a load of amiable testosterone. Color me green. ;-D

  2. Thanks Eve, I don't know about clever but I do think I'm extremely fortunate :}


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