Thursday, 1 March 2012


After yesterday's physio and concrete block-moving escapades where I estimate I moved my own body weight 12 times it comes as no surprise that I was more than a little tired this morning with no desire to do anything more strenuous than get my blog up to date.  However, after a couple of hours of sorting out photos, drafting words and generally messing around I was bored with that. 

I've recently been dishing out some advice but not taking it myself.  The late, great, Geoff Hamilton** recommended going to a nursery once a month and buying something which was in flower, that way you would have something flowering in the garden every month of the year.  So what's a Hobbit to do but load a fresh latte into the travelling mug and jump into the car?

One of the benefits of going to Seaview Nursery mid-week on a damp and cloudy day is having the place almost to myself.  I think the staff are now used to me disappearing into one of the giant poly-tunnels to quietly emerge sometime later with a full trolley.  Despite benches of alpines in flower and looking very tempting I resisted anything either I didn't have a definite place for or which would get lost at Bag End.  Still managed to come home with a nice bit of HRT though.

Gooseberry Whinham's Industry (red, desert variety to complement the Invicta I bought in January).
Ilex aquifolium Heckenstar (bought half a dozen of these last year for the hedge opposite the kitchen window and think I've lost one over the winter)
Ilex aquifolium New Silver (another three to go with those bought in January, it's particularly attractive and we've always room for evergreen plants)
Ribes sanguineum White Icicle (ironic when I think how many red Flowering Currant we've already pulled up.  I don't particularly like it either, by the time I got home the car stank of cat pee, but, early in the year it is very important for bees and I will plant it where I'm not going to be close enough to smell it too much)
Vinca minor Auerovariagata (bought 4 but think I might need more, will use them as ground cover either around the hawthorn on the front corner or under the laurel hedge)

Lonicera japonica Halliana (2)
Lonicera pericylemen Belgica
Lonicera pericylemen Serotina
.  OK, I'm not quite sure where all of the honeysuckle are going but it won't be difficult to place them!

The Vinca and Ribes are in flower so I sort of took my own advice.  Will give it a week or so before I try to plant any of them, the ground is very wet and very cold.

** and despite liking the Lord of Cord, Geoff Hamilton is still the greatest presenter Gardeners' World has ever had, or is ever likely to have


  1. A wonderful trolley-full there Bilbo!

    1. If you have time Jill, on your next visit here I will take you down there.

  2. It's a good strategy but you need to avoid those nurseries that force plants into bloom early just to tempt you to buy them

  3. I agree Sue, and I also try very hard to avoid plants with multi-lingual labels which I know have been grown in Holland in perfectly controlled conditions and then shipped over here.


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