Sunday, 4 March 2012

Iris pseudacorus

Yellow flag iris, Iris pseudacorus,  the RHS describe this as an aquatic weed, but then the RHS describe a lot of my favourite plants as weeds.  It grows wild in many parts of Scotland, and along the A66 on the way to Keswick are a couple of boggy fields absolutely full beautiful yellow blooms in the summer.

Jackie's generosity last month was not confined to a few tons of stone.  She had a small leaky pond in her garden that she plans to fill in and offered me all the plants, which amounted to six tubs of vigorous iris.

I made a start on breaking up the biggest clumps and potting them on and in usual Bag End fashion, I ran out of time to finish the job.  Yes, there are way too many flag iris here for the top pond but I'm thinking ahead.  We have a very large 'big pond' that's going to need planting and one day there might be a stream too . . .

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