Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bloody Google

Wordpress is starting to look awfully attractive.

All the 'quick edit' links that an author can see on their blog are now missing. Why? Because Google, apparently in an attempt to get around some of the data protection laws which their new privacy policy falls foul of have, arbitrarily, changed the URL of our blogs.

Bag End no longer lives at http://[ . . .] Oh no matey, and don't expect all your embedded links and bookmarks to continue to work smoothly. We're now at http://[ . . .] blogspot.CO.UK

How helpful, just like the oh so very helpful Captchu images on Word Verification. Unless I'm missing something, to edit a published post I would have to go to Dashboard, then Posts, then select Published (my default tab is draft), find the post and click.

There's some forum blethering about it here, although surprisingly (or not surprisingly) little if you do a Google search . . .

Fortunately, whilst Google don't seem to want to acknowledge the problem, the workaround is to edit your url in your Address Bar - delete CO.UK and replace it with .com/ncr.

The NCR bit is important, it means No Country Redirect. Sigh ....

Edit (ha ha): You seem to need to retype the URL every time you return to your blog in a new browser session/new tab. It's not a change that stays put.


  1. I am not very good on the computer except for the things I really do regularly - and all the url business goes over my head Bilbo - but this is how I edit my posts.

    I go to my site and click on New Post; then when I get to new post I click on edit posts and the whole page comes up.
    Then all I have to do is click edit on the post I wish to change.
    I have to say that if that method changes I shall have to get Dominic in to show me another way - I can't cope with these Google changes. I have completely stopped my word verification.

    1. Mrs Weaver, if you have a way of editing which works for you then keep doing it!

  2. I just noticed this too - trouble with changing to another blog authoring system would mean that all the links we have established would be lost so Google have us entrapped!

    It would be good to know about changes - maybe they post them on their forum but not everyone visits - surely as they have our email addresses it wouldn't be too difficult to send out impending updates explaining how these will affect us.

  3. Links can be rebuilt Sue, perhaps an easier job for me than you because your blog is far more extensive, but give me a wet day indoors coupled with the inclination to play on the PC for a few hours and Wordpress, here we come ...

  4. Here in the States my 'quick edit' links are still intact (except for one blog where that option has NEVER worked). And when I click on a UK bookmark for a UK blog, it still comes up with the '' addy. Although I DID see from a search engine recently that MY blog had been found as "//" and couldn't figure that out. Australia? There must be a 'version' of my blogs in other countries? How bizarre. The overhead must be tremendous for Google. Ha!

  5. Your blog shows up here as the like Kris said. And I haven't noted any changed in the editing of previous posts. Sorry you're having such problems.

  6. Thanks girls. I think most of the problems are in Europe, not the USA. When Google launched the new privacy policy a couple of weeks ago the European Commission got really pissed with them and there are all sorts of shenanigans going on about data protection, privacy, EC saying Google are behaving outside the law by sharing information across services, etc. I have a suspicion this change is a knee-jerk reaction to some of that and, as with all coding changes which are rushed through, it's flawed in it's implementation.

    In the last few months I've been getting more than a little fed up with Blogger/Google, so many Blog Settings options are now unavailable if you access Dashboard via the new interface. It is making me very uncomfortable about how much control we might have (or not have) in future over the way our blogs behave. I spent an hour or so yesterday morning looking through the Wordpress options and so far it's all very impressive (including their apparent ability to suck a Google blog right into their own system if you ask them to). Right now, however, the weather is too good and I am too busy playing outside to spend a day messing on the computer with it all!

  7. Oh bloomin eck! I haven't noticed this yet so thanks for the warning. I keep thinking about Wordpress too but worry it will be too much of a faff to change.

  8. Thanks Bilbo. I must admit I hadn't noticed this change, but I am fed up with Blogger and have been considering changing. Maybe now is the time. I'll have to go and look at Wordpress. I did look some time ago, but the thought of starting again and losing everything from my current blog was just too much. I didn't realise I could move the whole thing over intact.

    1. Sue, set yourself up with a WordPress account and create a blog (which you can make 'private' until you're ready for the world to visit). In the WP Dashboard, on the left are all the set-up options, click on TOOLS then IMPORT and Blogger appears at the top of the list of platforms you can import from. Click on BLOGGER and the following screen looks self-explanatory. Says it will bring in comments as well. I haven't done it yet, just not got the time but seems to be a pretty good Support Forum at

  9. Gawd I hadn't noticed that! I had spotted various versions of Veg Plotting with .au and .ca in my site stats recently and had puzzled over them. I wonder if the we're seeing is just specific to us and the blog address in reality is still .com. If it isn't, I'll be really annoyed as I've just had some MOO cards made with the .com address on there :/

    I'm still on the old editor, so quite a few of the new 'features' Google has introduced haven't filtered down to there yet. I decided to stick with the old editor pretty much at the beginning when I found it moved my text around at random. Reecent conversations on twitter show that problem hasn't been fixed yet and the new editor came out months if not a couple of years ago!

    Wordpress looks increasingly attractive for me too. However, I'm not sure what happens in terms of google ranking if the switch is done. And I have lots of other aspects of my blog which still work well on Blogger, but aren't coped so well with on the free version of Wordpress.

    I came over to answer the comment you left over at mine as you won't have seen I've answered it. Apologies for the delay in replying as I've been away. It's as follows:

    Yes, the subscribe option has been left out - whether designed or accidentally I can't say :/

    I tried the embedded option for a while but had some comments about it making the conversation side of things harder to follow. I also have a number of commenters with an apostrophe in their ID and it turned that into gobbledegook, making them look awful. It doesn't work for everyone either - whether Google has fixed that problem yet I don't know.

    Thanks for adding your thoughts to the mix :)

    1. Good morning VP, lovely to see you over here, hope you've got wellies with you as it can get very muddy {grin}.

      No idea what moving to WP* would do to your Google ranking. I have Bag End set not to be indexed by search engines (its primary function is to keep in touch with friends and act as my journal) so for me, it's not an issue. I was typing my reply to QuiltSue when your comment came through. Hope some of the info you have found here has been helpful to you.

      * hmmm, VP at WP, could get silly :}

  10. *chuckles*

    Yep, info re the disappearing edit pencil was most helpful, thanks :)


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