Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Another plan shot to *&!@%$

I should know by now, I really should.   Make a plan, sit back, watch it get derailed.

Plan:  up early, off to Cockermouth to do errands, back before 10.00 and have a day in the Cottage Garden.
Actual:  a familiar white van arrives at 8.00am.

Good job I got all the pony poo moved yesterday :} Experience tells me the mess is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.


  1. Absolutely Sue, Sainsbury's will still be there later ...

  2. Wow, I'm just catching up on your blog and I'm exhausted as usual! You're making some terrific progress there, I'm intrigued to see what these lads are up to.

    1. Hi SewAli, sorry to tire you out. If you're exhaqusted, how do you think I feel? :}

  3. Well better early than late! Miss Daisy will be much happier!


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