Monday, 13 February 2012

A typical Bag End Monday

A typical Bag End Monday starts with LP arriving early and keen to crack on with the steel sheets.

Whilst he fitted the back and sides of the mower shed and checked the roof panels were the right size, I cleared up the dumping ground at the side of the shed.  We need to move all the timber* that's currently in three or four different locations to one place and this is as good as any.

Still a lot to do on the covered area in front of the shed but definitely moving in the right direction.

After lunch Bert delivered more pony poo and we followed the quad back up the lane.  LP had brought his big trailer today - it seems everyone but me knew we were going to collect stone this afternoon!  At the end of last year our friends put big drainage ditches in one of their fields and the digger excavated a large quantity of stone that they would like to see the back of.  It's still too wet to take LP's van into the field so we used the quad & small trailer to collect numerous lumps of rock.  Jackie kept thanking me for taking away the stone, I kept thanking her for letting us have it

What sort of insane life am I leading when I think it is totally normal for the driveway to play host to pony poo, cow muck and half a quarry?

The crazy thing is that whilst this looks like a huge pile of rock (LP estimated at about 2 tons - he should know, he picked up two-thirds of it) in the context of Bag End it is nothing and we probably need this much again for the two large ponds . . .

*  sawn timber for garden projects, NOT the logs for burning!


  1. Does the phrase half measures exist at Bag End? {g}

    I must say that your sourcing of materials is rather clever — people down south would pay large sums to have rocks like those delivered!

    1. James, surely half measures means just working from 9.00 - 1.00 instead of all day ...

  2. Lol! In typical hobbit style i see it's all sorted into size!

  3. I saw all these pics (especially your staging area which mine has looked like on occasions) and was puzzled. So I went back, back back to your first entry and reassured myself that, yes, you originally posted that Bag End is a half-acre plot. So tell me, gal. How have you managed to make it look like you have an estate of acres and acres? Inquiring minds want to know... ;-D

  4. Kris, that'll be Special Skills then, they come in very useful! {giggle}. Seriously, I have no idea - no intentional camera trickery.

  5. It's Lakeland magic mixed with hard work hobbit style!

    1. Very nice of you to say so Jill, but sometimes I think it is just sheer lunacy.


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