Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring cleaning, and rain

First the rain. I've had enough thank you, please go somewhere else. Anywhere else, especially the middle or east of the country which needs it so badly. My unscientific plastic cones have recorded just over 2 inches of rain for February, no wonder the ground is sodden and the area around our big pond is a mud bath. It also means, disappointingly, that after going to all the expense and trouble of getting a lawn tractor so I can move supplies around easily, I can't move the machine around easily for fear of it getting stuck in the mud. In true Hobbit style, however, I Have A Plan .... but I've other things to do first!

Second, the Spring Clean which isn't so much a clean but attempt to tidy up various areas which have been abandoned to their own devices after one of the mildest, wettest winters that anyone around here can remember. Tabloid newspapers might have been heralding summer-like temperatures for the UK last weekend but Saturday was cold and we're not used to it. Despite the need to be bundled up we managed a good afternoon outside. Management came to help me and for a couple of hours we worked at de-nailing wooden lathe salvaged from the re-roofing last year.

LP had stacked it all opposite the greenhouse. That was an excellent idea, apart from the bit where the pathway has become too narrow for anything wider than a small barrow. We've probably used half of the timber so far but the rest needs cleaning up. I want a lot of it for new greenhouse staging and it's all got to be shifted so I can get the tractor into the Cottage Garden. I knocked nails through, Management pulled them out.

We could have accomplished more but much time was spent pondering access into the mower shed; I might have successfully parked the mower on Friday but it wasn't easy. A major problem is that even with the seat in its most forward position, the machine is designed for someone with much longer legs, not Hobbit-sized ones, it was a bit like trying to drive someone else's car without adjusting the seat and that never works well. The Problem-Solving Brain (known as Management) suggested a trip to Halfords where we acquired a cheap pair of bicycle pedals. On Sunday I cable-tied these to the mower foot pedal which did the trick :}

Reluctantly I also concluded that my oh so clever timber sub-floor wasn't helping either so first thing Sunday it got dismantled. Plan B will be another delivery of quarry waste to raise the floor level. (But not until the ground has dried a bit and I can use the machine to move the sub-base .... back to those blasted dependencies again)

Sunday I putzed around in the working area and whilst it might not look much to anyone else, managed to clear up all the stuff which had moved in over the winter and was taking up valuable space.

I've also tried to make a start on sorting out the greenhouse. Despite my best intentions I've done exactly what I said I wouldn't do - used it as a dumping ground over the winter and subsequently rendered it unusable


  1. I'm totally daunted by your industry! Any of the above projects would curl my toes, and you list 3! Take heart...

    1. Thanks Kris, I just make lists and keep slogging at them until they're done. The sooner this is all accomplished, the sooner I get to relax and enjoy it (allegedly!)


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