Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Nursery and greenhouse

After a brutal and painful session with the physio first thing I wanted to be outside, moving around.  I thought I could fix up the vertical flashing on the mower shed by myself.  That didn't work because [a] it's a two person job (one to hold, one to put in the fixings) and [b] sadly, LP miscalculated the dimensions and to do the job properly I need to re-measure the corners and order different sized flashing. Grrrr.

Moving on, doors are ordered for the mower shed so ground has to be dug out to enable the left-hand one to actually open.  Once again the "joy" of gardening on a slope .... there are plenty of occasions when I long for a boring, flat, plain patch of ground.

     (the bit of timber on the left is sticking out for good reason - it's to mark where the reinforced electric cable is buried)

OK, that job done, back to the greenhouse.  When Management put this up for me in 2010 I was in too much of a hurry to use it to spend the time properly levelling the ground inside.  I have paid for that impatience ever since.  I refuse to spend hundreds of pounds on heavy-duty staging and have designed my own very-quick-to-dismantle when I want to change things around version which involves sawhorses and roof lathe (it sounds dreadful but I know it will work, trust me, I'm a Determined Hobbit).  Unfortunately in order for it to work the sawhorses have to be on a level base.  I putzed around some more and just could not get my head around the best way to do things so I gave up, the "joy" of gardening on a slope .... there are plenty of occasions when I long for a boring, flat, plain patch of ground, (there's an echo round here).

Sorting out the nursery staging is on LP's list because it involves shifting quantities of large concrete blocks (three of which pretty much equal my weight).  Trouble is, LP isn't here for a couple of weeks until the soil dries a bit and every other job I tried to do this afternoon had fallen at the second or third hurdle so I was left with shifting large concrete blocks. (Did I mention three of which pretty much equal my weight?)

No task at Bag End is simple because the ground is so uneven.  Even in a relatively small space, with blocks positioned for pallets which are one metre square, the ground slopes from front to back and from left to right (as you look at it from this photo). 

Gave up at this point, partly because it was nearly 6.00pm and time to go in and partly because I couldn't get my head around the best way to straighten things up.  This needs Management's input, thankfully he's at home on Friday .


  1. I ache for you. I'm a bit obsessive/ compulsive when it comes to 'level'. My place has a decided slope, too, but less pronounced than yours. Why, I can't even enjoy a nice glass of tea on the deck should I notice that any of the garden pots, benches, etc. are a-kilter and I've been known to march out with a builder's level to set things straight. You have my sympathies. Take heed moving those blocks, you don't want to set back your physio!

  2. Kris, I don't think I'm as bad as you in respect of pots & benches {smile}, but it does help when setting out pots to have them on a level base!


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