Sunday, 5 February 2012

No snow here

Whilst the rest of the country shivers and grinds to a halt, the west Cumbrian micro-climate ensures that Bag End remains a Green and Pleasant Land. Under that cloud, however, there's a great deal of snow on the fells.

Still very cold, chunks of ice remain in the small pond and the birds are hungry. The pheasant are getting more than a little cheeky. Since I removed the green cage a couple have discovered the joys of the soft-bill mix we put out for Blackbirds.

(dreadful photo, the glare on the right is the under-cupboard lights in the kitchen. note to self: turn them off when using camera!)


  1. Lucky you! Decent dollop of snow here yesterday, roads rather interesting last night and today. Very little once I got closer to Penrith this morning though.

    1. Hi CB, I suspected it would be rather white round your way.

  2. I think that you can tell if you are grown up or not by your attitude to snow - the young and young at heart find it a rare delight to be reveled in, the grown ups find it a bloody nuisance.

    We've had about 3" here. It is a bloody nuisance.


  3. Hmmm! I can sympathise, about 5 inches fell here on Saturday night. Looks pretty but ,,,,,

    1. Jill, bet you're glad you didn't have to go to work this morning :}


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