Friday, 3 February 2012

Moving muck

Friday provided a brief interlude in what has otherwise been a very quilty week. Ground solid and frozen today so LP and I decided it was a perfect opportunity to move numerous barrows of muck from the driveway to the compost bins.

Well, in truth, LP filled barrows and moved them, I stayed at the top of the garden and emptied them. Also messed things up considerably for Mr Whiskers; we found signs that he was using the compost bins as a warm & dry apartment. Actually, it's quite possible that Mr Whiskers is no more, after taking many bait bags for three days none have been moved since Friday. Sadly I'll have to keep the poison in situ, if we've had one rat there are bound to be others just waiting to move in.

When EJ delivered an unexpected Christmas present in December, it was wet, cold, horrible and other than covering with a tarp, I didn't look closely at the latest pile of cow manure to grace the drive. Once we cut into the pile today it was apparent that most of this isn't fresh stuff recently cleared from cow sheds. Probably two years old, well rotted and nicely supplied with worms, it is absolute black gold and a thing of beauty. If we were making new beds right now it could go straight onto the soil, but for now it is safely stored and all our compost bins are nearly full.

After lunch the sun made the soil got too soft to push the barrow so we focused on the Coppice. Some very large and heavy sections of slab were moved to the fence behind the newly planted hazel and we now have a lovely rustic-looking "skirting board" which will protect the fence posts from the mulch which will build up over time.


  1. As Christmas presents go that could easily count as one of the best!

    1. Along with the wind farm appeal being dismissed, Santa did extremely well last year!


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