Monday, 6 February 2012

The journey not the destination

I know people for whom a walk is not a success unless they reach a summit. They stride on purposefully determined to reach the top above all else, often refusing to stop to appreciate where they are because they're so intent on where they have to get to. As usual, Hobbit doesn't share this approach to fell-walking which is probably why I don't give a stuff about topping out 214 Wainwright summits, 500-and-something Birketts or any other 'to do' list. Who cares anyway?

I take pleasure in just being out there, at any altitude, and whilst I love a good view from a lofty perch as much as the next hairy-footed Shire-dweller, failing to reach the top matters not a whit. That's why a gentle ramble along the bottom of the Ullock Pike ridge this afternoon was such a joy.

After spending much of the morning admiring Skiddaw from a distance, I parked in a small lane near Bassenthwaite and walked across the fields to Watches, a rocky outcrop at the bottom of the ridge.

Not a bad picture from a small phone?

Didn't see anyone, mostly the only noise was the caw-caw of a lone Raven gliding overhead. Utter bliss.

Ullock Pike is the pointy bit on the right leading to Longside Edge and Carl Side. Skiddaw is the huge bulk on the left. The valley in shadow in the middle is the seldom-visited Southerndale.

Looking down from Lin How, in the far centre distance is Criffel in Dumfries.

Still got some niggly problems with my hip which are defying diagnosis or treatment that mean I'm still cautious about venturing out too far, but today went very well and if I hadn't started out so late I would have continued much further up the ridge than planned.

After a little shopping in Keswick, the view of Skiddaw seen by most visitors:

A previous trip along Ullock Pike:


  1. We're planning a little walk for Thursday around one of the local nature trails - don't think the views will be as stunning though!

    1. Sue, hope you have a lovely walk and that the weather holds for you.

  2. Fabulous Bilbo! Nice to see Ollie enjoying the view. We seem to have been under thick fog for a few days now although the sun broke through for a couple of hours this afternoon. Wonderful inversion weather if only I could get high enough!

    1. Hi Jill, when that picture was taken Ollie had been shouting his head off in his own unique way: "Woof, look at me! Woof, I'm out with my people! Woof, Woof, look at that view*! Woof, look how noisy I can be when I'm happy, WOOF WOOF!!"

      * yep, a dog who would sit and look at the view .....

  3. That was Martyn earlier! Confusing isn't it having a pair of bloggers.

    I'm with you - walk to enjoy not treat it as an assignment!

  4. Lol That made me smile ,,, happy memories by the bucket load!


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