Friday, 17 February 2012

I've been thinking

We've got a busy weekend planned if the weather co-operates and next week could be pretty full-on in terms of garden work, so for once today I took it easy.

Tidied up the pony poo and Steadmans brought the ridge sections and flashings - that's an awfully big wagon for a very small delivery.

Rolling up the surplus pond liner around timber battens keeps it out of the way until we've finished messing with the edges, I never like to cut liner away until everything else is done.

The water looks rather drunken but it isn't.  The sage advice in books about getting pond edges level is all well and good, but it doesn't always work when you garden on a slope.  Last September, Laa Laa and Tipsy Dipsy tried very, very hard to make the edges level.  Unfortunately, doing so resulted in a slope on the bottom left-hand side of ridiculous proportions - it looked like the set from TellyTubby Land and had to go.

We're left with a pond that has the ground on one corner about 6" higher than on the opposite side and expanses of black plastic liner is not a good look.

I've been thinking* ...

Back in Hampshire we created a big log pile at the back of our pond which linked to the evergreen hedge.  It was never a problem that we couldn't walk all the way round, and the amount of birds, frogs and dragonfly we played host to indicates that we were doing something right.

If we create a boggy-bed-come-wood-pile at the back of the pond and link it to the holly hedge, maybe in a year or two the planting will be sufficient that it will disguise the change in levels?  (It will also hide that damn tree stump which will be no bad thing.)

We've got 7 or 8 huge bits of fairly level stone (excavated from under the big pond), a couple of which had been ear-marked as having waterfall potential when we link the two ponds with a little stream but I wonder if a few of them in the pond would help soften the difference in height?

All these plans and Bright Ideas, history shows that it's not always a good idea to Think Outloud, plans do tend to change but if they don't . . . at least it won't be me lifting all the stone!

allegedly three little words which strike more terror into the hearts of men than the 'other' three little words


  1. A wood pile and boggy garden sound like an excellent idea - did you come up with them lying in bed unable to sleep as your mind was drifting around. I get good ideas then and hope I remember them in the morning. Writing them down isn't an option!

    1. Sue, I'm not sure when I had the idea. Perhaps as we have already done the same thing, albeit on a much smaller scale, the idea just wandered to the front; tap, tap, tap, anyone there? are you listening? Management and I had a good walk around the new pond this morning (he's been away all week and hadn't seen it) and not only did he agree with the idea, but marked out an area twice the size I'd originally thought of.

  2. When you have solved all the problems in your garden come and help me with mine please!!!

    1. I'd love to Jill, but you are too far away. Move to Cumbria and I'll be over to help you without delay!

  3. Between the thinking and the doing I don't doubt good things will come about!!!!


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