Saturday, 28 January 2012

Winter Gardening

Conventional wisdom is not to plant when the ground is cold and wet. That's all well and good but the Met Office are now predicting we're in for a month of nasty weather (aka proper winter temperatures).

The lovelies I purchased recently have been sitting in the nursery area and needed to be in the ground properly or heeled in somewhere safe as with the hornbeam. Despite horrible weather all week, Friday afternoon was dry and bright and not too cold. Only took an hour or so to bury the roses, variegated holly and fruit bushes in one of the raised beds. Hope they will appreciate being tucked up until Spring.

Good job I did this, Saturday morning showed the harshest frost of the year and much beauty on the distant fells.

There had been a vague intention to go to a talk at the Lakeland Horticultural Society. Cancelled that plan on the basis that whilst the speaker might be a hugely experienced botanist and RHS judge, I'd visited his Lake District garden under the NGS scheme and thoroughly disliked it so driving to Windermere probably wasn't the best use of my time. Instead, I managed about four hours outside and had a marvellous day.

Eight hazel safely planted in the Coppice, and I found a space for the ninth in the big Cottage Garden bed. There is already a big self-sown hazel next to the fence so putting an extra one in will be good for pollination.

Mixed things up a bit at the Bag End buffet. Working on the basis that rats are extremely neophobic (hate anything new) I have moved a few things around. If I keep doing this then Mr Whiskers might not get into the habit of feeding here and better still, won't tell all his hundreds of relatives about the place.

Moved stuff around in the nursery. When the weather is nicer, LP and I have plans to completely re-arrange the staging in this area but it will save us time if I clear up in advance.

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