Sunday, 29 January 2012

Top Pond

It's a constant niggle that, nearly four years after moving to Bag End, half the garden is still like a bombsite and it looks like we're not really trying. Geoff and LP excavated the ponds mid-September and nothing has been done to the area since. Holidays, accidents and lousy weather have all conspired against us and I've been telling people "we need to leave the ground to settle after all the disruption with the digger". Yeah, right . . . I don't believe me either.

Liz over at Nutty Gnome knows a thing or two about making ponds and last week very kindly said to me "Ponds are meant to spend time as muddy holes first, it's the law!" Bless her, but on occasions the law is an ass and our muddy holes are taking their duties far too seriously. Which is why I spent three hours on Sunday afternoon crawling around a hole outside the kitchen window removing large stones and protruding tree roots in preparation for lining and filling. Also made a start on the piles of soil which came from the path excavation and will be used for levelling off the grassy area between the house and shrubbery.

Before and after, the photos probably don't look like there is much change but I can see I made a difference and that's encouraging.


  1. Thanks for the honourable mention Bilbo! :) What's your rush with the pond anyway - you're only 3 months in!!! Our original top pond was almost 2 years as a mud hole and the extension hole lay dormant as a leaf catcher for 8 months. The bottom pond has been a hole with a liner roughly laid in it for 4 years now, but we are hoping (!) to get that done this summer...maybe! :P

  2. Hi Liz, thanks for your comment, did make me laugh :} I suppose when you put it like that, my waiting since last Autumn doesn't even count! Hope you make progress this summer on the bottom pond.


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