Saturday, 14 January 2012

Shopping with a view

"Why don't you pop down to Seaview Nurseries" suggested Management? A beautiful drive on a glorious afternoon and around the corner from the nursery, this view:*

I had the place to myself and a very full trolley by the time I got back to the till. I was looking for hazel whips to complete the Coppice planting but they didn't have any. Instead, they had very nice plants in 3 litre pots which are probably two or three years old.

Also leaping into the trolley with very little assistance from Hobbit was:
Gooseberry, Invicta
Blackcurrants, Ben Lomond and Ben Sarek,
Ilex aquifolium, Handsworth New Silver. I'm not generally keen on variegated plants but the purple stems and creamy margins looked so good, and I do like holly ...

But the bargain of the day was a selection of David Austin roses. Gardeners will know what an expensive indulgence they are, and the last I purchased (New Dawn, to climb over the arbour) was nearly £20. These were less than half that price, all very strong specimens so I now have to find a home for Eglantyne, Falstaff, Generous Gardener and Abraham Darby. I'm sure I will manage somehow!

* for non-walkers, that's the Scaffell range. Scaffell Pike is the highest mountain in England


  1. What a view!

    That sounds like a very productive shopping expedition and a good nursery. Looking forward to seeing your roses as they come into flower.

  2. Thanks Dartford, now all I need is for the frost to go so I can plant them.


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