Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Precision delivery and a path

We constantly are blessed with some of the most helpful delivery drivers in the country. On Saturday morning I asked the driver from Atkinsons if it was possible to put two huge (and heavy) bags of quarry waste onto the garden (behind the tarp-covered cow muck) as it would save a few yards of barrowing.

He excelled himself, backed the wagon as close to the house as he dared and seemed to view my request as a personal challenge. At Hogwarts this would have garnered an "E" for Exceeds Expectations and will save LP quite a bit of work.

When Geoff excavated the path last autumn we never intended for it to stay like this for so long. That, of course, is 'normal' because life, weather and goodness knows what else tend to interfere and we don't get tasks completed as quickly as we'd like. Even with paving slabs as stepping stones it's been muddy and horrible.

Monday afternoon LP was available for a couple of hours. Slabs were relocated, ground carefully evened off ready for the next step.

Tuesday afternoon - the next step - lay carpet:

There is manner is our madness. Instead of using black membrane to stop the quarry waste sinking into the soil we've laid LP's old sitting room carpet. Yes, it will rot in time but it saved him having to make a trip to the council waste site.

3" layer of quarry waste spread over half the path because we grossly under-estimated the amount needed!

More ordered and due for delivery on Thursday. It were ever thus at Bag End - the job which is started and finished with no delays has yet to be dreamt up!


  1. So did Hobbit order just two more bags, or after careful consideration another couple just in case? {g}

    1. If two bags can do just over half, then two more should finish it . . . at least, that's The Plan and you know how dangerous it is to have A Plan around here {g}

  2. What a wonderful re-use of LP's old carpet. Win/win all around. And the carpet should last so much longer than membrane would. Well done all around: you, LP & the excellent delivery man. The path is looking good!

    1. Cheers Kris, we figured it was a good bit of recycling ☺


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