Friday, 13 January 2012


We've always loved Keswick and if National Park house prices weren't so ludicrous, Bag End would have been a few miles further east. Whenever we came to the Lakes on holiday Keswick would be one of our first stops. Partly to raid the gear shops and partly because it didn't feel like we were "here" until we had walked around the town.

Keswick has changed a great deal in the last 20 years and not always for the better. Demographics and the economy means that the majority of shops are aimed at the visitor market leaving residents having to drive elsewhere for some shopping, or use the internet. On occasions the plethora of cheap gear shops with endless sales gives Keswick a slightly kiss-me-quick feel and that's a damn shame because it is a lovely town with much to offer and deserves better. Where else can you combine a view like this with a trip to the supermarket?

I still pinch myself that I can drive to Keswick in 20 minutes from home. Even after four years it seems surreal and I don't go as often as I should. I used to be the same with Winchester - we lived a similar distance from one of my favourite places in the world but I didn't go every week.

Drop-dead gorgeous weather again today, crisp and cold with a clear sky. After a bit of domestication (ordering quarry waste - isn't that how everyone spends Friday morning?) and a trip to the optician with Management a little walk was called for. Last time I tried to walk to Friar's Crag, exactly two months ago, I had definite mobility issues and it wasn't a terribly happy experience.

Frabjous day, I was able to walk from Station Road to Friar's Crag without stopping (OK, occasional twinges but I slowed down and they went away), stopped and took a few pictures, and then walked back without any difficulty. A quick trip into Booths rounded off a thoroughly enjoyable little outing.

Just 2¼ miles and negligible ascent.


  1. I too love Keswick. Stunning pics Bilbo. Superb weather here too, just back from a glorious tramp along the river bank and back across frosty fields. A mountain or two to look at would have been nice but still very pleasurable. Progress in the garden too I see :-). The days are lengthening, Spring is on the way! Feels great! Jill

    1. Thanks Jill, glad you too have been able to get out. Hope you are making progress - how's the stove?

  2. Oh, it's SO beautiful! And exquisite photographs! You are very lucky indeed!

  3. Thanks Scarlett, it is lovely living here, I hope I never take it for granted.

  4. Were you teasing me with that last picture? Too bad I got my fix this weekend {g}

    As for the views, just what the doctor (or physiotherapist) ordered!

    1. Were you teasing me with that last picture

      might have been!!


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