Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

For some reason I am feeling quite cheery about 2012. Not that there was anything particularly wrong with last year but it was hard work and much slog. Whilst we achieved loads in the garden, fell walking and quilting took a complete backseat and that leaves life rather unbalanced.

Intend to get back on track this year, and I suspect the garden would quite like the weather to do the same. Whilst this is very pretty (albeit slightly eaten), a fresh daffodil is not what I expect to find in bloom on 1st January.


  1. Daffs? In January? Good grief, how bizarre. Although mine are poking up, that's to be expected. Blooms, on the other hand, are months off.

    Looking forward to pics of punting on the pond. :-D

  2. Considering we're only 35 miles south of the Scottish border then yes Kris: good grief!

  3. Sue, so do I but not quite THIS early ...


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