Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Good morning


  1. Good morning, Hobbit - and what a lovely sunrise!

    How's the hip this morning after your exertions yesterday?

  2. Good morning back to you Mrs Quilting Quicker Than a Quick Thing {grin}.

    Hip is absolutely fan-flippin'-tastic, thank you for asking. No aches, no pains, and no - I'm not going to be daft and go again today!

  3. Lovely photo - the views on the last post are beautiful too

  4. Thanks Sue. Hope you will get to see them for yourselves if you make another trip to Cumbria this year.

  5. What a beautiful sky. You must be underneath a major airway too. Lots of vapour trails running parallel to one another.

  6. What a beautiful sunrise - I wish I could get my camera to take this kind of photo - it just seems to wash all the colour out. Mind you - red sky in the morning is supposed to be a shepherd's warning, so hope it wasn't followed by rotten weather.

  7. I do believe I might even get up in time, if I knew I had a sunrise like that to look forward to!!

  8. What a view you have!
    Spent most of today in York. Lovely but even in the off-season, so crowded. Your view is so refreshing.

  9. Thank you all for such lovely comments.

    Dartford - I think we're under the Glasgow/Manchester route but the planes are high and I never notice them. The RAF low-flying runs are another matter - we're RIGHT under one of their regular routes but I find it quite fun when they go over.

    Pat, what sort of camera do you have?
    (and yes, it drizzled from late morning and is still wet)

    FFG, I'd been up for a while but it was dark and I'd not drawn the curtains. Then I had a hunch to look out - moral of the story being always follow hunches!

    VH, everywhere is crowded compared to here {giggle}, hope you enjoyed York, it is a lovely place.


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