Thursday, 19 January 2012

Glorious progress

Another day which the weather forecasters got completely wrong. We expected rain and got very high cloud, some blue sky, sunshine all morning and only a few showers to dodge in the afternoon. Neither too hot or too cold, so perfect weather for the hard work of moving the latest delivery of quarry waste.

I did my bit, which amounted to about a fifth of what LP can shift. Who knew quarry waste was such horrible stuff to move? Not just heavy, but unyielding and difficult to get onto a spade.

We're definitely on a roll this week, making up for all the lost time in the autumn. One hour later:

And a borrowed whacker plate (thank you, Walter)

Followed by many metres of black membrane and spiky pegs

Topped off with the nice bit, shredded bark from the bags in the Coppice.

Most folk will think we've created a path. The resident avians think we've created Blackbird Heaven and are already investigating this potential new source of lunch! Whilst moving the bark we found a large stash of buried hazelnuts (thank you, Mr Red Squirrel). At least if they bury them in the path in future and any germinate, they'll be easy to transplant.


  1. I hope that you didn't exert yourself too much!

    1. I took it easy! LP did all the heavy carrying, I didn't really contribute much to moving the quarry waste, but I did fill all the barrows of bark chips. Didn't move them though!

  2. LP is a saint, is all I can say. I imagine quarry waste is as nasty to try and shovel as limestone chunks. There's just no getting any purchase under the stuff. Looks like all you'll have to do is renew the mulch every now and then. What a fine path with easy access to your wood and kindling shed. Congrats. :-)

    1. Thanks Kris. The quarry waste is all different sizes in order that, once compacted, it locks together and forms a firm sub-base. Trouble is, it does that in the dumpy bag as well. Yes, we will have to top up the bark every year or two.

      Not quite a complete path all the way to the wood store but nearly there :}


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