Thursday, 12 January 2012

Getting back to normal?

Two years of wind and rain had wrecked one of the tarpaulins covering the huge log pile and there's been a need for much tidying up for some considerable time.

(last September, taken from the scaffolding, before the wind shredded the black tarp)

On Wednesday the rain held off and LP came over at lunchtime. In just four hours we moved the remainder of the log pile next to the log store, plus much of the silver birch and cherry felled last October, (it was laying where it fell in the shrubbery). A few rather large pieces were left for chainsawing the following day, and by the time the light went we had also moved a small pile near the Coppice disturbing another mouse family who were quite unimpressed with their forcible eviction.

I say "we" but in truth it was LP who did 90% of the work although we both agreed it was great to be back outside and finally getting on with something.

Thursday started with a little light chainsaw action from me and then much restacking and tidying up by LP. Shame there are no pictures of him walking about on top of the stack, it was quite a sight, but I was more worried about whether he'd slip and I would be calling an ambulance than messing with the camera. We hope this timber structure using wooden lath salvaged from our re-roofing will stop the tarps from rubbing on the logs, getting worn, and then ripping in the wind. The side nearest the house is covered, the greenhouse side is deliberately left open for the timber to air and for wildlife to have easy access. There's already one bird's nest, not used last year but home to blackbirds in 2010, hopefully there will be more if we don't disturb things again.

Yes, by normal standards it's all still a mess. This is not normal, this is Bag End!

The photos are also rubbish but I'm so pleased with the end result that I'm sure there will be many more pictures of its loveliness over the coming months, perhaps the light will be better next time.


  1. That is a LOT of wood! Well done. Tidy, well-organized and stacked against the weather. Is it for firewood? Or landscaping timber?

    1. Kris, that is the remains of 48 Leylandii, all 40 foot tall, which we have felled since being here. It is for the wood burning stove. If you have nothing better to do with your time {giggle} have a look at some of the early blogs (March/April 2008) and you will see how horrendous the trees were and why they had to come down.

    2. I did pop over to read some of your Spring 2008 posts. Good grief! Talk about overgrown! You have enough firewood now to get you through the next ice age. ;-D (Hey, loving the new thread option on blogger comments now!)

    3. Kris, I saw you'd been back in time {grin} and replied to your comment (but don't know if you ticked the 'subscribe' box, so you might not have got the reply. Yes, it was a mess! We're thinking about ten years firewood - it will be an awful shock to us when it is gone.

  2. You knew at the time it was worth hoarding the left-over battens from the roof. BTW, how is the new roof, did that extra insulation above the sewing room make a noticeable difference?

    1. Still got loads of roof lath left, and plans for it {smile}. Study/longarm room hasn't been too bad but it's not been anywhere near as cold as last year. New roof is lovely, when are you going to come and see if for yourself?

    2. Very soon I hope — I'm due some time off for good behaviour {g}


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