Monday, 9 January 2012

First summit of the year

Last Thursday's physio session was "the one" and I knew I'd turned a corner and full recovery was in sight. Monday morning errands out of the way, the sun was shining (and a forecast for no rain this week which strikes us all as a tad optimistic!) and it was time to get back out there.

The sensible plan was to park at the back of Sale Fell and walk along the relatively flat path towards the old Wythop Curch. Unfortunately this area is getting far too well known and popular and there was no safe space to leave the car. That's when 'sensible' got abandoned and I went to my normal starting point near the new church and set off uphill. Forty minutes later the first summit of the year was underfoot and the only difficulty was getting very hot during the ascent because I'm so unfit.

Looking east. Skiddaw (in cloud), Ullock Pike and Dodd, Clough Head and the Dodds leading to Helvellyn, with Keswick in the valley below.

Looking west, Bag End is down there in the haze.


  1. That is so beautiful! I bet it blew the cobwebs out! Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Matron, it did me a power of good. You'd have enjoyed seeing all the dogs I met today, lots of happy four-paws.

  3. I'm so glad you got your first walk! Also glad your therapy is going well.

  4. that's so fab, I bet you felt like a new woman (or should I say Hobbit!)

  5. Spot on Nic, it really did feel like a new beginning.

    Now, talking of New Beginnings, how's the Bump? When are we going to meet Babybird?

  6. Yay!! Looks like the perfect day for a walk.

  7. That must have been an amazing walk. What views!

  8. SewAli, Dartford, Jill - thank you all, it was a lovely couple of hours, especially as the "no rain this week" was as optimistic as I feared and it's been drizzling since late morning today.

  9. Well done you on leaving your Hobbit Hole and getting into the Shire so to speak, and what a stunner of a day to do it. Here's to a more even spread of Hobbit activities this year.


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